i really hate this one. seriously, it drives nuts. i hate when people leave the sponge inside the sink after washing the dishes. i know it might sound a bit stupid or irrational, but think about it! that sponge is just sitting there, in all its wet glory. it’s gonna start smelling like mildew, or even worse! get moldy. but you won’t know that.. and you know what you’re gonna do? you’re gonna keep washing dishes like nothing’s wrong, and you’re gonna be smearing all of that mold all over your other dishes. it freaks me out. yuck!

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i have a love/hate relationship with romantic comedies. i think they’re wonderful to watch whenever i’m bored, but i always hate the feeling i get afterwards. you know that, “oh why can’t that happen to me?!” feeling. i think more guys should watch chick flicks and learn a few tricks from them. :) teehee!

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i hate anything touching my clavicles, so i can’t wear regular or short necklaces. even t-shirts touching my clavicles freak me out sometimes. 

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when eating cereal, i like to pour my milk first.

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i broke my right forearm when i was 10 years old. now, it’s a little bit crooked. but you can’t tell unless i show it.

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i hate the word senioritis with a passion.

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i absolutely love yogurt. especially the ones with fruit in them :) strawberry is my favorite flavor. i hate vanilla yogurt.

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i always apply lip balm before i go to sleep.

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i can’t sleep if any door in the room i’m sleeping in is open - even a closet door.

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